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good morning, america. this morning, talk of truce. could the wave of violence threatening to engulf the middle east be heading for a cease-fire? this as israel's iron dome missile defense system intercepts a rocket targeting tel aviv. the search for a killer. who would attack dolphins, some of this planet's most adorable and intriguing animals? after a gruesome discovery on the beach, police are now on the hunt. mall madness. black friday is almost here. what big sales should you snatch up, and what should you leave on the shelf for a better deal later? and we'll tell you one way workers are getting ready for the hordes of shoppers. and start your engines. bianna, ron, ginger and i take
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the nascar challenge racing some of the fastest cars on earth. yesterday we showed you the warm-up. this morning, the winner. hey, good morning, everybody. i don't want to give anything away, but we do have the results of an exclusive abc internet poll. who do you think won the big "gma" nascar race? bianna golodryga, sorry to tell you this, only 13%. >> that's cold. >> i'm not far ahead of you. dan harris at 18%. ron claiborne clocking in at 29%, and our big winner, according to public sentiment, this has nothing to do with the actual winner, but ginger, 40% think you won. flattering. >> that is flattering. and i haven't driven in a long time. maybe they forgot that. we'll see. >> you're flattered.
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i'm depressed. just because i'm a mom. i didn't bring the baby with me. he was not in the car. i thought i was a fast driver. we'll see coming up later on the show. also, this morning, family crime. a father, son and teenage daughter who allegedly went on a bank robbing spree hitting several banks in two states. how did a once seemingly well-adjusted family make such a downturn, and could their disguises have ultimately led to their downfall? these are honor roll students. crazy story. >> honor roll students and athletes. bizarre story. also the animal air-lift, scores of dogs and cats left homeless by hurricane sandy flown to california, and this is just one of the many surprising acts of kindness for some of sandy's most vulnerable victims. more on that coming up. >> a heartwarming story. we begin with the escalation of violence in the mideast today being met with a possible cease-fire. israel expanded its air assault on gaza as its iron dome defense system protected tel aviv, its most populous city from a hamas rocket attack. we have team coverage this morning. christiane amanpour is in
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jerusalem, but we begin with alex marquardt in gaza city. alex. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. overnight the israeli air force targeted media buildings here in gaza while the shells not very far from here. the big question, whether a cease-fire will be able to be brokered before israel launches a ground invasion. israeli jets pummeling gaza overnight. two buildings housing hamas and international media were targeted. six journalists were wounded. from the sea, volley after volley of naval artillery hit alleged terror sites. so far, more than 50 palestinians have been killed and more than 500 wounded. "we're exacting a heavy price from hamas," said israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, and the military is prepared for a significant expansion of its operations. for days, tanks and troops have been building up along the border ahead of a possible invasion. far fewer rockets were fired
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from gaza overnight, but this morning, sirens wailed in tel aviv as hamas fired two rockets. both intercepted by the iron dome anti-missile system. three israelis have been killed, around 50 wounded. egypt and turkey are working feverishly to try and stop the violence. "the israelis are rejecting the cease-fire," a hamas spokesman told us. israel will continue carrying out massacres against our people. there have been talks but officials are staying tight-lipped. >> for the moment, rockets are still being fired in israel. we will go on with military operations. we're not excluding any option incling the diplomatic option. >> reporter: israeli analysts say the likelihood of a ground invasion is diminishing, that israel's top leadership doesn't really want it, but the conditions of a cease-fire are very far from being resolved, meaning the possibility of a ground invasion is still very real. bianna? >> all right, alex, thank you. now let's go to jerusalem, which has not been spared from rocket attacks in the past 48 hours.
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abc's global affairs anchor christiane amanpour is there with the latest. christiane, with talk of even a possible ground assault, how likely is a cease-fire at this point? israel said they're rejecting it as we heard from alex. >> reporter: well, not rejecting it. what we understand is that it is a tense waiting game. i just spoke to a senior israeli official, who says, look, this is a jeweled track operation as far as they're concerned. they're hoping that international diplomacy, the u.s. pressuring and working with its allies, egypt and turkey, to try to pressure hamas and israel also in contact with egyptian mediators, at the same time israel, as we can see, massing for a potential military operation if they decide to do one. we are -- it's been confirmed to me that prime minister netanyahu spoke to president obama on friday just before the president went off to asia, and they are just hoping that this does resolve itself, but the conditions are still a little bit far apart. israel wants to make sure that hamas never fires another rocket into this state and also that it
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cannot be rearmed via the western sort of side of gaza, and hamas wants to make sure there are no more targeted assassinations, and it wants to be able to have the siege of gaza lifted, so conditions still quite far apart. >> delicate act of diplomacy. all right, christiane, we appreciate you reporting live for us this morning. thank you. now let's check in with ron for a look at the other developing stories at this hour. >> hey, good morning to you, bianna and dan. president obama arrived in thailand this morning, the first stop on an historic three-day visit to asia looking to develop a bigger presence there during his second term as a counterbalance to china. tomorrow he becomes the first sitting president to travel to myanmar, also known as burma, which had been under military rule until very recently. and the company that owned the oil platform that exploded in the gulf of mexico on friday said it will keep searching for the one worker who remains missing. the body of the other worker was recovered by private divers
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after the coast guard suspended its search. four others remain in the hospital with severe burns. and also in the gulf, a search of a different kind in connection with a rash of violence targeting dolphins. the hunt is on for the attackers responsible for this, a string of disturbing dolphin attacks up and down the gulf coast. >> we responded to one dolphin from alabama that had its tail cut off. we're responding this morning to a dolphin on ship island with its lower jaw cut off, and in the last week, we had one dolphin with a bullet hole in it. >> in response to national oceanic and atmospheric administration has issued a heads-up to officials putting them on alert for any more attacks on dolphins in waters off of louisiana, mississippi and alabama. usually these smiling creatures are the gems of the ocean, the star attraction at marine parks around the world and are believed to be the world's second most intelligent animal, which makes these horrific incidents incomprehensible.
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>> i think it's important that everybody understand it's not only cruel, but it's agast the law. >> and a crime that comes with consequences, fines up to $100,000 and a year in jail. and officials are asking anyone with any information that can help them to call their local authorities. and the woman at the center of the cia sex scandal has been spotted with her husband for the first time since that news broke. paula broadwell and dr. scott broadwell were seen outside her brother's home in washington, d.c. that was last night. her affair with david petraeus forced him to resign as head of the cia. and finally, one of the stars in the aftermath of superstorm sandy has been new jersey's governor chris christie. it seems he's been everywhere including "saturday night live" where they talked about that fleece. >> i'd also like to give a special thanks to my wife pat who is here tonight who put up with a husband who smells like a
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wet fleece for the past three weeks. >> you have been wearing that fleece a lot. >> oh, yeah, it's basically fused to my skin a lot. >> but i have seen you wearing suits. >> oh, yeah, but i wear them over this fleece. i'm going to die in this fleece. >> you know, he actually has a pretty good sense of humor. i ran into him in the green room. i said, did anyone ever tell you look like the governor of new jersey, and he said, without missing a beat, unfortunately, yes. >> nice sense of humor there. >> indeed, thanks, ron, appreciate it. this morning, president obama made a stray comment overseas that speaks volumes taking a tour of a monastery in thailand, the first stop on his trip to asia, and listen to what he said about the situation in washington about the monk who was showing him around. >> we're working on a budget in washington. we're going to need a lot of prayer. >> just in case you couldn't hear him, he said we're working on a budget in washington. we're going to need a lot of prayer. abc's martha raddatz is in washington this morning guest hosting abc's "this week" for george stephanopoulos. martha, good morning. i know they were laughing over in thailand this morning, but
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they're not going to be laughing if they don't cut a budget deal soon. we're heading into what they call taxmageddon. i know you spoke to the democratic leader in the house, nancy pelosi. do you get a sense that we're anywhere close to a deal, or are we just hearing a lot of happy talk? >> well, you're hearing a lot of happy talk, dan. i think the operative word is "constructive." that's what nancy pelosi talked about. that's what speaker john boehner talked about, constructive, but there's also a lot of urgency. now, nancy pelosi, we have a lot more of this interview, a fascinating interview, told me she thought they could work out this deal in mid-december. i asked her, of course, look, we've heard optimism before and this went nowhere. but there is that urgency now. americans are sick of this. this is the second time around. >> and so overnight we saw -- we saw this video of david petraeus' alleged mistress, paula broadwell, his biographer walking with her husband. it's the first time we've seen the two of them since this
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scandal broke. so let me ask you about the petraeus affair, which i know you've been following so closely. where does this go now? what in your view is likely to be the next shoe to drop? >> well, i think what we've learned this week is this is not over. i think a week ago when we heard david petraeus say he was resigning because he had an extramarital affair, we thought it might go away. but every day it seems like there's something new. they're now looking through those classified documents that were apparently on paula broadwell's computer, and the cia is now looking into david petraeus, wanting to know whether any money was used. they're not laying any blame. they just want to take a second look and make sure he didn't pass any classified documents, make sure that he didn't do anything to facilitate that affair. >> but even though he's resigned, he still has security clearance, right? >> he does. he still has security clearance, as you know. he testified on the hill on friday. he still gets intelligence. he was briefed before he went up to brief members of congress, so, yes, i think what they're going to do is gradually take that away.
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they want the transition to be a smooth one. >> martha, thank you. martha filling in for george on "this week" this morning. she's got a big show. not only will she be speaking with nancy pelosi, but also republican congressman peter king and democratic senator carl levin. it's "this week" later this morning right here on abc. >> bianna, over to you. >> martha filling in on "this week." now a new twist in the bizarre crime story involving tech titan john mcafee. he's the man who made a fortune by creating anti-virus software a lot of us use to protect our computers. he is now on the run in belize wanted in connection with a murder. abc's john muller is here with the latest on this strange saga. john? >> it gets stranger by the day. he certainly knows a thing or two about the internet. now the eccentric international man of mystery appears to be reaching out from hiding by blog, a blog that says police in belize have been harassing him long before he became the person of interest in his neighbor's murder. tech titan paranoid man on the run and now perhaps mysterious blogger, the john mcafee saga
8:13 am
getting stranger by the day with a new blog claiming to be mcafee's own word. the anti-virus software pioneer is still in hiding. wanted to for questioning in belize in connection with the shooting death of his neighbor gregory faull one week ago. faull lived just 300 yards from him. the two had an ongoing and bitter feud about mcafee's dog. >> his mood is generally fairly calm for a man in his situation. >> reporter: chad essley seen here with mcafee had the pictures on his blog entitled "hinterland" and says it's authentic. claiming to be john mcafee confirms the words are his. an entry posted saturday titled harassment details bizarre claims of legal harassment by police in belize and mcafee told matt gutman in cell phone calls he fears the belize government is corrupt and if he submits to questioning in the death of his
8:14 am
neighbor, the police will murder him. >> i'm certainly innocent of the charges that are leveled against me in the press. >> he's got a lot of time to think and write and certainly using it to update the blog with some of the concerns about the belizean government. >> reporter: they urge him to come forward to help police in the gregory faull murder investigation saying mcafee is more than paranoid. >> what strikes me is he is extremely paranoid. in fact, i would go so far as to say bonkers. >> reporter: mcafee's whereabouts still unknown. abc news not getting any answer at the door of his belize home, but the eccentric millionaire could still be hiding inside that home, possibly blogging about his predicament. mcafee has stated the prime minister of belize doesn't like him. he says it may sound paranoid, but he's being framed for his neighbor's murder. the prime minister says he's never even met mcafee and says the media attention offers mcafee the best possible sa safeguard if he cooperates with policement bianna, dan? >> bizarre story when the prime minister is calling you bonkers. >> there may be evidence right there that he doesn't like him.
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let's check the forecast and get it over to ginger zee. ginger, a lot of action in the northwest again. >> so much the train of storms is full speed ahead in the west and northwest. look at this. low pressure system after low pressure system. yesterday it meant almost 2 inches of rain, record daily rainfall in redding, california and this video from san francisco, now a two-day rainfall over an inch. that's an area that needs it after a very dry summer. this's been in a little bit of a drought situation and going to get some help there. also, first runs this season happen in a lot of places in the sierras and parts of the cascades where we talk about next how much rain and how much snow comes with the train of storms, and with this next one, sunday night here into monday, we look for some rainfall in that 2 or even 3-inch category, the red, 5 inch in seattle, portland, heavier rainfalls in some of the valleys. and up in those cascades and the sierras more than a foot of snow by the time you reach your monday afternoon up in mt. baker, mt. hood, the northern tip of that too. one other storm we're watching
8:16 am
is going to create riptides and problems here. very stormy conditions from the carolinas down through florida, orlando today, 75, 80 for miami and just a quick look ahead because if you're planning a little trip and you're using the airports for wednesday into thursday, the only ones that could have any issues would be that pacific northwest if you're driving i-5 too and one other little issue, maybe wind and a few showers in miami. startle and partly sunny to your sunday. temperatures are right around 40 likees and calm winds yesterday. in the southeast, that is that system but it will not anything moreth than clouds. we should doand about the same today and tomorrow, more of the same and thursday, lots of >> i love to see your facebook and twitter photos. so please send them along. and, you know, i thought i knew the state of manager really well
8:17 am
since i lived there and worked there, but new baltimore, michigan, i had to look up. so odd, right in the southeast east of detroit right near canada so in case anybody was wondering. >> you've never heard new baltimore? i go there all the time. >> in your defense it's a big state. >> yes. no, it is, i haven't covered the whole thing and cedarville, ohio. nice way to see the sun. we usually don't get to stare at it that long. yeah, you have to do this, and if you're doing this, when you do new baltimore -- well, hold on, over here. canada. >> geography. we've got geography lessons and advice about not staring into the sun. >> in the house. >> thanks for the obvious. well, thanksgiving hits early this year. in fact, it's hard to believe it's just days away. we've already told you that some big retailers will be opening their doors thanksgiving night, but, of course, the big day remains black friday, and the annual shopping blitz is not for amateurs with shoppers already
8:18 am
lining up, and store employees training for the big day. that's right. they're training. abc's david kerley joins us from washington. david, what is this, some sort of boot camp they go to? >> reporter: you know, it's pretty amazing. this is a frenzy. it is one we happen to call black friday and both sides, the retailers and shoppers, are preparing already. >> all right, are you ready? here we go. >> reporter: it may look like black friday. >> good morning, good morning, good morning. >> reporter: shopping carts banging through the door. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: but these are employees -- >> again, knowledgeable -- >> reporter: -- training for the biggest shopping day of the year. >> we got to make sure we are ready to go. we got product fired up. customers want to hold it, they want to play with it. they want to see what it does. >> this is my job, what i live for. >> reporter: he better love it because look at this. already shoppers are camping out in wisconsin, yes, a week before the sales there they are settled in. >> we have so much fun out here. you meet all kinds of nice people. >> reporter: yes, they say it
8:19 am
all pays off. >> our time here is almost getting paid back by the savings. >> reporter: but even on friday, you may see some protests. workers unhappy that their stores are opening up on thursday for shopping. rosetta brown works at walmart. >> we just demanded respect. >> who are we? >> reporter: nearly one in four of us, 86 million, hit the stores on black friday last year. >> so i think you're going to see deals all season long. >> reporter: but if you brave the protest and the petition drive, are there a couple of items you should set your sights on on friday? >> the new wii, it's called the wii-u, that thing will go fast and also, believe it or not, the furby is back and that's what the kids want this year, your electronics, ipad mini, iphone 5 and for kids there's the leappad2 which is like an ipad for kids. >> reporter: did you hear it in there? are we actually talking about the furby again on national tv? listen, online sales are also
8:20 am
getting big on friday, so if you want to avoid the stores, you'll see a lot of deals online from your couch on black friday, dan and bianna. >> i will not have anybody trash talking the furby, david kerley. it's your last appearance on weekend "gma." kidding. thank you, david. speaking of fur, now to the extraordinary efforts being made on behalf of the pets left homeless after hurricane sandy. like what i did there with the segue. >> yeah, i like that. that was very classy, dans. tens of thousands of pets were either abandoned or left stranded by the storm and abc's bazi kanani is here in the flesh to tell us about it. >> great to be here on such a good story. many consider pets to be parts of their family, so as families are trying to get their lives back together after the storm, this is some of the most important help they can get. they're the silent victims of superstorm sandy, some of the most helpless and most affected and now our four-legged friends are finally getting the help they need. southwest airlines and seaworld
8:21 am
teamed up to fly 60 orphaned cats and dogs from the east coast to the helen woodwood animal shelter in california. >> thousands of animals lost their homes, so we need to move the animals from these shelters to a shelter on the west coast to make room for some of the hurricane sandy animals. >> reporter: the flight crew and volunteers are volunteering their time to assist in this operation, and they aren't the only ones helping, the aspca has opened a 20,000-foot shelter for displaced pets in new york made possibility by the generosity of celebrity chef rachael ray. >> she provided $500,000 donations, so we could care for the displaced pets in new york city following the aftermath of
8:22 am
hurricane sandy, and we're very grate phil. >> reporter: more than 300 animals have been rescued by aspca workers and along with distributing pet supplies and operating mobile clinics, the aspca helped nearly 16,000 animals in sandy-affected area. >> need to get an apartment, so i'm basically bringing him here where he can be taken care of because he's just like my child. >> the goal is to provide the people who have been displaced by hurricane sandy an opportunity to bring their pets in, board them for up to 30 days and really just focus on getting their lives back together. >> reporter: proving in the aftermath of devastation, our furry friends are never forgotten. rescuers say many pets not only need shelter but serious medical attention. in the coming weeks we hope to see lots of happy reunions, but, dan and bianna, for those pets that can't find their families, they will be in need of new hopes. >> a lot of animals. bazi, thank you for being here. we appreciate it. >> sure. and coming up on "good morning america," all in the family. police say a father, son and teenage daughter pulled off a string of bank robberies. find out how their disguises actually led to their capture.
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>> live, and in hd, this is an good morning at 8:27. are in custody after an 18-year-old man was fatally stabbed at it metro station.
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police search searching for a : up a man at gunpoint at year his four- old daughter stems by. yourre is a check of forecast. s a bright morning but not as sunny as yesterday. temperatures around the region in the 30's and low 40 have clouds associate carolinastem off the coast. high-temperature today will be yesterday, in the low mid 50's and by thanksgiving, sunshine and temperatures around 60. we will be back at 8:56. ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose --
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♪ how do you like me now how do you like me now how do you like me now ♪ in the immortal words of will ferrell's ricky bobby, if you're not first, you're last. those words were ringing in our ears as we participated in the gma 600, a name we entirely fabricated involving real nascar vehicles with real nascar stars, high speeds, high stakes, so who won? the big reveal coming up. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> none of us look happy. yeah. it was a scary experience, indeed. good morning, everyone. i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, november 18th. luckily we survived. >> we did. also this morning, talk about sticking your neck out. this man driving along the beach dressed like a giraffe is being
8:31 am
called a modern-day saint. the human giraffe is one of the most welcome sites around and we'll tell you why. >> news of the weird coming up in "fixation" in just a few minutes. we're going to start, though with the "all in the family" crime spree, a father and his two kids accused of robbing as many as seven banks in two states. the father and his son and the 18-year-old daughter in the getaway car, and mark greenblatt is on the story. >> good morning. people we talked to who knew this family say that the father was a good dad and the kids even giggly, successful athletes but if what police say is true, this father ended up raising his children to be bank robbers until their luck ran out in texas. take a close look at the bank robbers in orange vests. police say it's a father, son and daughter team, an entire family of criminals suspected of robbing as many as seven banks in two states.
8:32 am
under arrest now for one in texas, ronald scott catt and son hayden went inside with guns. police say that's hayden wearing a fake mustache while 18-year-old daughter abby is charged with driving the getaway car. incredibly both children were honor students back home near portland, oregon, with hayden an outright star on his high school swim team. and abby joining him on the mcminnville swim club. eric lundeen told abc news he knew the dad. >> he lost his wife and he had the responsibility to take care of those kids and i got to tell you scott was there for them. >> reporter: authorities say the standout group may have begun its crime spree back in oregon where they're now suspects in five more robberies. >> it's a complete shock. when they were in mcminnville, you wouldn't suspect them. they were really solid community members. >> reporter: and dad and abby they only recently moved to texas where crime stoppers raised its reward to $25,000 for a tip leading to an arrest of the bank robbers. >> these suspects were
8:33 am
identified and then law enforcement in ft. bend county were able to corroborate that information. >> reporter: police say the break came in finding surveillance tape showing the family buying those distinctive disguises at a home depot. curiously, just days before the arrest, abby posted on facebook "finally got the job interview i wanted. man, i'm working my way up to big money. so proud of myself ever since i moved to texas. we all have so much potential, some just need to decide what they're going to do with all of it." presumably that job will have to wait. and now this whole family might spend their thanksgiving together in jail with bond set for the father and son at $140,000, the daughter, abby, $100,000, and dan and bianna, this could get worse for them because texas authorities have told those in oregon to be on the lookout for their possible involvement in robberies. >> such a sad story at the end of the day. mark, thank you. time for the morning's other top headlines. ron is back with that. hey, ron. >> what a story, a family of alleged bank robbers.
8:34 am
good morning, everyone. in the news with missiles raining down on both sides of the israel/gaza border today, there is talk of a possible truce this morning. egypt and turkey are trying to broker a deal to end the five-day-old conflict, but the two sides appear to be far apart. new questions about that collision between a train and a parade float that killed four veterans in west texas. federal investigators say the truck tried to cross the tracks 20 seconds after the warning signal started going off. and new york city is planning to demolish hundreds of homes in neighborhoods hit hardest by hurricane sandy. the storm damaged homes in queens and on staten island will be bulldozed because they pose a danger to public safety and other buildings nearby. and hurricane sandy has reunited a 14-year-old massachusetts girl with a -- ♪ message in a bottle." police song i'm singing. >> wow. >> you're on a roll this morning. >> no more caffeine for me. anyway -- >> with our apologies to sting and the rest of the band.
8:35 am
>> all right. anyway that message in a bottle was sent to sea seven years ago as part of a second grade project. the bottle was brought back to shore. ironic that sandy found the message. time for the weather and over to ginger. >> i said some of the folks out west are taking their first runs. same thing in minnesota or to the southeast of it in hastings, pictures of the first snow being used -- well, they've had some snow before this. either way they were also golfing because it's minnesota and you can do those two things in one week, especially in one day. look at annapolis today. it's going to be 60. omaha, 60 as well, kansas city, 61. these are about 20 degrees above average. chicago, you have a nice day ahead just shy of 60 degrees at 59 and the nice weather extends all the way to the east. it's a little bit cooler for boston, 45. new york city will be 51. philadelphia, 52, d.c., 53, so all of those numbers are a good morning, washington, not
8:36 am
as bright as yesterday but we will have 51-55 and more of the , we tomorrow and by midweek get some time coming our >> this weather report has been brought to you by advil. dan and bianna. >> thank you, ginger, for not singing. coming up here on "good morning america," our day of thunder from the anchor chair to the driver seat, it's every man or woman for him or herself in the gma 600. find out which is fastest and who is slowest. also ahead, check out this little kid trying a sour candy for the first time. we'll show you his reaction in "fixation" coming up next. n" coming up next.
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it's designed to cook multiple dishes at multiple temperatures, so you can prepare the entire meal at the same time. frigidaire. over 90 years of legendary innovation. ♪ i went to the danger zone it's one of the biggest sporting events of the year. today nascar will crown its new champion, but first this morning a slightly smaller event. the gma 600, the four of us driving some of the fastest cars on earth, and as you might imagine, things got a little bit competitive. >> you think? well, yesterday we showed you how we trained with some pro drivers. now the race is on. ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.
8:41 am
>> we descended upon the charlotte motor speedway for a crash course. >> number one rule, don't hit anything. >> yeah, don't hit nothing. >> pun hopefully intended. >> and early indications were it wasn't going to be pretty. >> that's mine. >> but we had help in the form of nascar stars, our own coaches, carl edwards. >> greg biffle. >> joey logano. >> darrell wallace jr. >> after riding shotgun with the stars, it's our turn to take the wheel for real. >> the gma 600, moments away. the rules, simple, whoever reaches the fastest speed wins. here's nascar announcer espn allen bestwick with the call. >> big ron claiborne was up first. goose man showed he's as silky
8:42 am
smooth behind the wheel as he is behind the news desk handling his ride like a sprint car champ. >> that was fantastic. that was great. that was wonderful. whoo. dan, bianna and zee, bring it on. >> bianna golodryga, for a gal who had no idea how to drive a stick shift, she seemed to be pretty well. >> doing a great job. great job. >> a little too well, in fact. >> driver, do you have a copy? >> she's still out there, man. she's gone rogue. bianna. >> okay, driver, off the gas. off the gas. >> that guy with the checkered flag, he's never really goes out there. >> she'll run out of gas at some point. it might be tonight. >> finally she hit the pits. >> i couldn't hear anything, though, so i figured just keep driving. >> yeah, we kind of figured. the competition was heating up but suddenly stalled when dan harris tried to exit pit road. harris got back on track and was
8:43 am
quickly in command -- well, maybe not quickly. they say slow and steady wins the race. not sure who said that, but dan obviously took it to heart. >> i think i might have driven like a grandmother, but it was awesome. you know, the thing pulls you to the left. >> better than right. >> yeah, like i said too. >> with harris safely in the pits, ginger zee pulled out onto the speedway. the cold temperature and damp track didn't fade the weather girl. >> great job. beautiful. that is perfect. >> how fast? >> she hasn't driven in seven years. >> thanks for coming out to nascar racing. hope you had a great time. >> i like this driving better than i like regular driving. >> and with all four drivers safely back in the pit area, it was time for the moment of truth. in fourth place with a top speed of 113 miles an hour, dan harris. >> dan "grandma" harris. >> third place topping out at 128 miles an hour, bianna golodryga.
8:44 am
and second place, ginger zee at 147 miles an hour. that means -- >> yes. >> -- at 153 miles an hour, ron claiborne -- >> congratulations. >> -- takes the top spot. >> yes! >> wow! >> wow! >> yes! >> ron. >> beautiful. [ applause ] ♪ i went to the danger zone >> where's your champagne? >> i was really hoping for breaking news to preempt this piece today. >> dan "grandma" harris. >> yeah. everybody remembers the winner, dan. >> yeah. thanks a lot, ginger. i appreciate it. >> congratulations. >> in all fairness i have a car and i drive. you guys don't. >> 153 -- >> not 153 miles an hour normally. we had a lot of fun. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> and we want to thank espn and nascar for their help, and our challenge later today, a real racing king will be crowned. the nascar season finale from
8:45 am
homestead-miami speedway can be seen on espn beginning at 4:00 p.m. eastern. the real drivers are back. >> coming up here on "gma," we're going to mercifully change the subject. flying felines, cats taking to the sky. what's really going on here? "fixation" after the break. ♪ every night and day ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long.
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♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ all right. it's "fixation" where we select the craziest images we can find and bring them to you on a silver platter. bianna. >> okay, a word of advice, if you see a man dressed up in a giraffe costuume, give him a big hug because chances are he is armstrong the good giraffe, lives in scotland. he is such a good samaritan, he dresses up as a giraffe and does good deeds handing out water and bananas to runners. handing out coffee.
8:50 am
cleaning cats and dogs cages. helping out at hospitals, as well. he said "giraffes are like me, my head in the clouds, but my heart in the right place." >> watch out for his cousin, spencer the angry giraffe. changing the subject, this is a little boy who for halloween got a piece of candy called the atomic warhead, which is incredibly sour. he wanted to try it even though his father warned him, so here's what happened. >> i know that, yeah. >> oh. >> okay, his name is braden, and there's a happy ending here because watch. >> super sour, huh? >> he likes it. his sister really enjoys it. >> there we go, braden. >> he tivoed that for this. >> anyway, moving on to mine. this is graphic video we'll show you. the university of oregon, their mascot is a duck. well, the mascot, the oregon duck, tried to go skydiving from
8:51 am
7,000 feet a couple of days ago, this was part of espn "college gameday," and his head came off. >> oh, no. his head goes flying off there. disturbing video. the good news is the head was found by a good samaritan in one piece -- >> by the giraffe. >> -- and was safely returned and attached back to the duck. >> we love skydiving very much. bianna and i did it. now we see a duck headless doing it. and next, cats. can you believe it? cats skydiving. look at that. part of a swedish commercial for insurance. ♪ every night and day >> oh, that is very cool. just, we should say no cats were harmed in the filming of this commercial. >> thank you. >> we'll be back with more "gma" right after this quick break. keep it here. t after this quick break. keep it here. che. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief
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♪ how do you like me now ♪ how do you like me now ron, how does it feel -- >> congrats. >> -- being a winner?
8:56 am
>> words cannot describe. >> fastest man in television. meantime, congratulations, again, and we want to thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! and martha raddatz filling in and ron the winner. that's all of us. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning @ 8:56. a family is mourning the death an 18-year-old olney stabenow station.o victim and another young man robbed on the 1800 block of
8:57 am
road and the victims into their attackers again another metro station. police are looking for a suspect robbery. a man was held at gunpoint at an atm in colesville. you can see the victim's 4-year- by.daughter standing withe are asking for help anyone with information. the search continues for the man missing in the gulf of after an explosion on an l production rig. but look at it one of the two hours after the coast guard called off its four other workers suffered injuries and are being treated. good morning, it is a cool start your sunday, 42 at reagan national. 34 degrees out there at dulles. this is a live shot from our tower in rosslyn and you can see clouds out there.
8:58 am
this is part of the system off e carolina club -- coast but i don't think we will get any precipitation out will give a grey tinge your sunday. partly cloudy today, 51-55 degrees and a repeat to morrow the time we get to wednesday, you will see temperatures rising in the high about 60 on thanksgiving day. thanks for watching and we hope you have a great morning.
8:59 am

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